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Episode 4 – Caring with a Big Loving Heart

A Great New Episode of Living with Heart Disease live on June 16th!
With Jazmine & Tawana

Join us as Bouba speaks with Jazmine and Tawana about Evelyn Charrisse, the ladies’ mother and sister-in-law. Unfortunately, Evelyn, also known as “Charrisse,” passed away, but this episode will help you understand the highs and lows of caring for someone with heart disease.

Episode 4Despite sharing tales of emergency hospital visits, Jazmine and Tawana never forget to mention how determined Charrisse was to make the most of life. Charrisse had a will to enjoy life. Everyone could feel that energy. Bouba felt the same way when meeting Charrisse for the first time. He appreciated her positive energy and independence. Everyone shares the lessons they learned from witnessing Charrisse live a full life in this conversation.


It’s an honor to share Charisse’s story and the story of those who loved and helped her. Listen as we explore the perspective of the loving family and friends in a patient’s support system.


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