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Episode 8-Leading Heart Health Advocacy

Brand new Episode of Living with Heart Disease on August 16th!
With Allyson Perron Drag  

Allyson and Bouba sits down to talk about heart health advocacy. Allyson is the government relations director and regional leader for American Heart/ American Stroke Association.

Episode 8 – Great to have Allyson on the show to tell us more about the passing of policies and lobbying for change in Heart Health for the US.  Her work in heart health advocacy extends to related concerns such as tobacco policy, postpartum care, and food security. Allyson focuses on building heart health support during and after incidents, but she also encourages more investment into preventive healthcare. Her role is to manage, plan, direct, and implement the advocacy programs to influence local, state, and national public issues related to the American Heart Association’s mission in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Find out more about Allyson Perron Drag
Twitter:   @APerronHasHeart

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