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Episode 4 – Caring with a Big Loving Heart

Join us as Bouba speaks with Jazmine and Tawana about Evelyn Charrisse, the ladies’ mother and sister-in-law. Unfortunately, Evelyn, also known as “Charrisse,” passed away, but this episode will help you understand the highs and lows of caring for someone with heart disease.

Episode 4 – Despite sharing tales of emergency hospital visits, Jazmine and Tawana never forget to mention how determined Charrisse was to make the most of life. Charrisse had a will to enjoy life. Everyone could feel that energy. Bouba felt the same way when meeting Charrisse for the first time. He appreciated her positive energy and independence. Everyone shares the lessons they learned from witnessing Charrisse live a full life in this conversation.

Publication Highlights: My Medical Care Team

Like with teachers, how do you thank your medical caregivers? How to thank the good folks that saved your heart and keep it beating? It is an impossible task… To me, the best you can do is to write the best, most cool article about them. Please find the article I recently published at Heart.Failure.Net. Read Here.

This will not be enough but at least it would put a small smile on their faces. My hope is that – that one happy second would lead to more happy minutes, more happy days… […]


My submissions for Health Union’s Heart-Failure.Net that have been published to date:

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A son never forgets

I have several articles scheduled for publication, but I could not find in myself to press ‘publish’ on anything else but #BlackLivesMatter #EndRacismNow.

I figured I would let my fingers cry onto this page – some random words strung together – I hope you would find some meaning in between them.

They tell me to be extra careful. They tell me that my life is hard enough because I have a heart condition and I am on a waiting list for a heart transplant, living abroad on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean. […]

Thank you for supporting the Heart Walk!

It is official, Team Heart Of A Giant is made up of All-Star folks with real heart! For this year’s Boston Heart Walk, we came out and walked! From Boston to Bamako, Dakar, to Paris, Singapore, Reims, Atlanta, Plymouth, Warsaw, Niaguiss, Ziguinchor, Casamance, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Beyrouth, Milton, and more….[…]

COVID-19 logs: navigating the day-to-day

How does one navigate day-to-day life with heart failure during this pandemic? 

In adjusting to new aspects of day-to-day life, which include remote working from home, with everyone at home, and reduced time spent outside the house, I looked at several changes in my routine.

1. Just get up and start the day. 

The way one wakes up in the morning has a big impact on the rest of the day. So, one approach I have designed for myself is, I try to get out of bed based on the time I planned the evening before. […]

COVID-19 logs: our family’s scare in March

Note for context – in MA, we went into shelter-at-home on March 16th, when I started to work from home.

One afternoon in the middle of March, I was informed that my family and I met a friend who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We met him multiple times in the first week of the month. He started to have a slightly elevated temperature two or three days after we met. He was tested positive with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus about a week later.

Our friends shared the news with us with lots of regrets and apologies. […]

It is now Birthday Season…

It is Birthday Season, we suggest that you wear your favorite outfits and just be happy!

July is our Birthday Season. Big brother turned 6 three weeks ago and the Twins turned 2 last week. We are grateful and thankful to our International village, from Thionck Essyl (in Casamance) to Manantali (in Mali), Bamako, Dakar, Johannesburg, to Montserrat, Boston to Paris, and beyond… and of course, YOU. 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for everyone. We hope that everything gets better from here and onwards. […]

My heart belongs in Africa

As an African entrepreneur who was born and raised on the continent, I am acutely aware of Africa’s developmental needs and the impact that appropriate initiatives can have, especially for low-income countries and those affected by conflict. Africa’s development agenda to date has largely been imported rather than homegrown. The result is that many solutions, while somewhat effective, fall far short of maximizing the full potential of the continent’s resources and people.

To achieve the transformative growth that’s needed, we must shift from giving static answers to today’s challenges to seeking and generating proactive, dynamic solutions. […]

COVID-19 Logs: Getting back to running

Summer got here, but my body was not ready. Also, my scale decided to start bugging and show me some numbers I couldn’t accept. So, we had a little squabble. In any case, I had no good excuses – not my illness, not the pandemic, nothing… It was time to get a grip and get back on the tracks, so, did I, three weeks ago, on Monday. After a week, I manage to shed 8lb and keep them off.

Why am I getting back to running? My body needed a tougher challenge in terms of exercise. […]

Facing my mortality

“What’s your deepest fear?” is a question I often ask my good friends. With this single question I get to know so much about them, just listening to what s/he responds with and more so, the way they would answer. Death is a recurring theme I hear in the replies, either one’s own death or that of a loved one or someone influential in our life. I too consider death as a big one, but my answer to ‘what’s your deepest fear?’ is unfulfilled potential. […]

2020 Father’s Day (AP News)

Happy Father’s Day!

We have had the honor to be a part of a great story by Leanne Italie (of the Associated Press – AP News). You can read the article here.

We are thankful to Shelly at Abbott PR+Media for making this happen and for all their support. Grateful and highly appreciative.

I appreciate this article a lot. It is the best Father’s gift ever! Now the kids and their mom are off the hook 😉. #Daddyoftheyear. […]

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