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Support system: In-laws

My mother-in-law (Mémé) and my father-in-law (Pépé) have been crucial to our journey. The journey wouldn’t have been the same without Desirée’s larger family in Boston – her Auntie (Doris), her cousins and other relatives. I can think of so many things they do to help us daily. They’re always present to look after us – cooking great meals, looking after the kids, and even bailing us out when we needed cash on numerous occasions.

More, they changed their retirement plans to accommodate us, going on fewer trips they had planned around the world, and when they travel, they’d go for fewer days. They have supported us and been super patient even when we didn’t follow their wise advice. It’s been quite a growth period for us while living in Boston but on the positive side, it has helped us get to know each other better and get closer as a large family.

Of course, being parents, we would complain about how the grandparents spoil their grandkids. But, to be honest, watching them interact always makes special moments and a series of mini celebrations of life. We can only hope that in the future we would have the privilege to do the same with our grandkids, nephews, and nieces. Also, as we continue to thrive against the circumstances around my heart condition, we hope that they are proud to have us as part of their family. 

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  1. Joyce Allen Beckford

    Boubacar 🙂

    On behalf of the family, what can I say ?
    It is our pleasure to be here for you, Des and the boys. We are honored to be your ‘American’ family, and to be your home away from home.
    We feel happy and blessed to be a part of your incredible life’s journey. You (that smile) have been a true inspiration to us, and we have learned so much from you, as you navigate life with LVAD. Your strength, patience, grace, determination, commitment, your demonstrated love and respect for your immediate family, Des, Buraq, Sembene & Sankara and your extended American family.
    We continue to pray for a bright healthy future ahead.
    Much Love and Respect

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