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…, So, here I am, …Just a few hours before midnight.
Before my 34th birthday. How surreal?!
I am a compulsive planner and designer.
Both at work and in my personal life.

When we discovered my heart condition in 2012.
I had just finished my goals planning, running up to 2017.
After my diagnosis, I was getting jaded about life.
I stopped projecting myself into the future.

We are in 2020, the weirdest of years.
And, I am still having trouble processing everything.
Surviving heart failure is already an ordeal.
But, thanks to much hard work and great support, I live.

I live on; living years of extra time.
Extra time just like in basketball or in other sports.
The best part of the game takes place in the last minutes of the match.
So, while I can, I keep on living like it is the end of the 4th quarter.

Be a Lion and or be an Eagle.

A Mali eagle rises above the storm.
When it rains, most birds head for shelter, but not the eagle. The eagle soars above the rain clouds to avoid the rain.

As brave as a lion of Senegal is supposed to be.
I will not fear taking on the challenge or face the dangers.
I only pray that my courage does not bleed into foolishness.

Stay tuned…

Happy to be here 🙏🏿💫!!! Another birthday, family, and friends…

Thank you all for being part of my journey!
Heart of a Giant

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