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Why this blog

Storytelling at its finest

Every walk of life is something spectacular to behold — to be able to see the world from a different perspective. We tend to forget that we all are these different sailboats navigating the waters of life and that it is imperative to create communities and share our stories with each other.

The current that guides my life has created various experiences for me — from humble beginnings to my outlook towards my life with a heart condition, I can encourage others to remain positive on their journey to heart health. I believe that I owe it to many others to share my story. Also, I hope that in some way this helps to show my gratitude to the team that carries me. So this blog is essentially an attempt at making my personal journey impactful and meaningful learning experience:

  • I would like to be a voice of inspiration, sharing my experience to encourage others in the face of adversity.
  • I would like to be a voice of information, for causes such as registering for organ donation, supporting cardiovascular research, advocacy for science and technology and for health care improvement in general.
  • And, I would like to be an ambassador for the heart health community by sharing my insights into what it’s really like living with a serious heart condition.​

It can be hard to watch others continue to live their lives like ‘normal’ people would, while you are stuck feeling like yours is on hold. I am making this blog for anyone reading this – especially younger people – who may be going through a similar situation, and feeling like you are alone or that your life is being put on hold because of what you’re going through. ​

Understand this – you are not alone and you have so much ahead!

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