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Episode 7 – The 757 Renaissance Man on his journey with the LVAD

New Episode of Living with Heart Disease on August 3rd!
With Shawn Connors

Bouba sits down with Shawn to talk about his different outlook on life with his Heart Disease. In this episode, they will discuss living with humor and giving life you’re all. Shawn says ?We have heart failure, but it does not limit that we are multitalented and dimensional. Without a doubt, we should enjoy our lives.?

Episode 7 Le 757 Renaissance Man parle de son voyage avec le LVAD- Shawn Connors is an LVAD-enabled man, avid heart health educator, and enthusiastic advocate. Shawn is a self-proclaimed Renaissance Man. In his own words, he explains that ?a Renaissance Man is a man who is skilled at all tasks he attempts and has wide-ranging knowledge in many fields.? He shares his thoughts and insights on his two podcasts: the LVAD Talk podcast and the Renaissance Man 757 podcast. Born with a heart condition, Shawn had open heart surgery at 3 years old during a time when it was not a common procedure to do on children. Doctors told his parents he?d be lucky to see his teenage years. Yet, decades later, Shawn is a family man living his life to the fullest. Shawn is a widow/single father, computer nerd, gamer, Christian, sneakerhead, and foodie.

Find out more about Shawn Connors:  

Instagram : @Shawnconnors
Podcasts: LVAD Talk podcast
                Renaissance Man 757 podcast


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