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Reminder: 2022 Boston Heart Walk – Sept 17

The Boston Heart Walk is back, in person.

For our 6th participation, we are looking to support the AHA raise funds and volunteering for Heart of a Giant Foundation Staff on the day at the Esplanade. Please consider joining L'équipe Cœur d'un Géant and giving to the American Heart Association (AHA). Your donation helped fund research that could cure heart disease and stroke. Join us and Give to the AHA.

There’s a long way to go to win our battle against Heart Diseases, but we get closer to our goal every Heart Walk. So, we are excited to get back together (in person this year) to celebrate our wins, remember those we have lost, and build new strength to face the challenges ahead.

Walk on September 17 at the Esplanade for those in Boston and wherever you are for those outside Boston. The enthusiastic, proud, and comfortable gear reflects the warm, friendly, and happy personality of our growing Heart of a Giant Community. Get your new HG Wear, use Discount code off15).

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