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Bienvenue sur le site Vivre avec une maladie cardiaque, une production du Cœur d'un Géant.

Est-il possible d'avoir une meilleure qualité de vie après un diagnostic de maladie cardiaque ? - Écoutez les patients, les systèmes de soutien et les prestataires de soins qui ont décidé de devenir plus sains physiquement et mentalement. Nous partageons les défis et les triomphes. Découvrez ce que cela signifie vraiment de survivre et de s'épanouir avec un problème cardiaque.

Amplifier la voix des patients par des conversations non filtrées avec des voix inspirantes ?

Living with Heart Disease est enregistré EN DIRECT tous les mois. Bouba anime des conversations non filtrées avec des voix inspirantes du monde entier. Les participants peuvent également participer et poser des questions pendant la réunion. En outre, les valeurs de positivité, d'inspiration et de bonne humeur sont mises en avant !

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Sep 08, 2023

Ep 15: Navigating Personal Goals and Health Challenges with Jodie Hall-Holit

In this episode of the Living with Heart Disease podcast, host Bouba welcomes guest Jodie Hall-Holit, who shares her journey with congestive heart failure. Jodie reveals that she was diagnosed at 19, shortly after giving birth to her son. She explains her challenges, including being misdiagnosed before finding the proper medical support. Tune in to hear Jodie's inspiring story of resilience and strength in the face of heart disease.

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Jun 06, 2023

Ep 14: Review of a Six-Year Heart Transplant Journey with Somaneh Bouba: Diagnosis & Challenges

Today's episode is a little different. Join us as Somaneh Bouba speaks about his heart transplant journey six months after with his new heart. Bouba has overcome tremendous challenges in his six year-long heart transplant journey. As a dedicated husband, father, senior corporate manager and social entrepreneur, Somaneh has navigated his way through the complex world of heart transplantation with grace and resilience. His personal experiences have given him unique insights and perspectives on the challenges those recovering from a heart transplant face. Join us as Somaneh shares his inspiring story and offers invaluable advice for fellow and future transplant recipients. Connect with me: Instagram: livingwithheartdisease.podcast Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Catch the bonus content on our Youtube channel.

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May 23, 2023

Ep 13: Battle of Heart Disease: Overcoming Obstacles with Armin Muzafirovic

Against all odds, Armin refused to let his diagnosis define him. But a ski trip to Colorado brought an unexpected twist, changing everything he thought he knew about his condition. What happened next was an ongoing battle, and Armin's incredible resilience kept him fighting every step of the way. Bouba sits down with his guest Armin Muzafirovic to talk about the ups and downs of his heart journey. Armin has navigated the challenges of living with heart disease since his mid-teens. His journey began with a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy, followed by discovering his heart condition. Despite these setbacks, Armin has remained determined to live life to the fullest, continuously seeking activities that push the boundaries of his physical capabilities. Armin's story offers a unique perspective on the impact of heart disease on daily life and how he has adapted to his new reality. In this episode, learn more about: The complex world of heart transplant surgeries and the road to recovery. Uncover the crucial role of a support system in managing heart disease and treatment. Third, empower yourself as a patient advocate to take charge of your own heart health journey. Finally, understand the urgent need for organ donors and increase awareness about heart transplantation. Find out more about Armin here: Instagram: Connect with me: Instagram: livingwithheartdisease.podcast Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Catch the bonus content on our Youtube channel.

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May 09, 2023

Episode 12: Defying Odds with Olivia Rose: Heart Disease Survivor's Journey

Bouba chats with Olivia Rose to talk about her heart disease journey. After suffering two strokes and heart disease, Olivia Rose, an elite athlete, courageously fights for her life and embarks on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and resilience to defy the odds. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. How Olivia dealt with the diagnosis of her heart disease at the age of 25, and how did she manage her mental health? 2. How does Olivia's competitive spirit help her recover? 3. How was it for Olivia's family when she was diagnosed with heart disease, and what changes did they have to make? Find out more about Olivia here: Instagram: Connect with me: Instagram: livingwithheartdisease.podcast Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

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Apr 25, 2023

Ep 11. From Professional Basketball to LVAD: George Boakye-Yiadom's Unexpected Journey

"If it wasn't for Ivy, I probably wouldn't be where I am. So I thank God for her. It wasn't easy. " - George Boakye-Yiadom Bouba talks with George about the ups and downs of living with a heart condition. George Boakye-Yiadom is a mental health coach, fashion designer, and technology consultant. He is the founder the Boak Group LLC and works at of Fathers Uplift. He is married with three children and recently underwent a heart transplant. George Boakye-Yiadom was a professional basketball player playing in Russia when he experienced a sharp pain in his chest and was diagnosed with heart failure. He was quickly put on a Balloon Pump and then an LVAD. During this difficult time, his wife Ivy found him a therapist and mentor, Charles Daniels (Co-Founder of Fathers? Uplift), who helped George rebuild his life. George developed an interest in fashion, starting a company called The Boak Group, and later became a technology consultant and a coach at Fathers Uplift. Despite his heart condition, George was able to travel to Ghana with his LVAD. With the support of his wife and family, George has been able to make a successful transition from professional basketball player to entrepreneur.

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Apr 11, 2023

Episode 10: Inspiring Journey From Heart Failure to Transplant: A Chat With John Sanson

Bouba sits down with John to talk about living with heart failure, LVAD, and a heart transplant. John Sanson is a Houston-based patient diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in 2016 and has since undergone LVAD and transplant procedures. He is an inspiration to many, having shed over 100 pounds, and is currently working in the coffee industry and producing a documentary series.

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Sep 03, 2022

Episode 9 - The Better Half of Heart of a Giant Speaks on LWHD

Anyone facing a heart journey knows how much a support system makes life easier. The core of our support system is often our spouses and life partners. Our talk today is about the better half of Heart of a Giant.

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Aug 16, 2022

Episode 8 - Leading Heart Health Advocacy

People feel inspired when you talk about the topics you care about with passion. More so, people feel moved to take action when they see your dedication. Advocacy can show the tangible changes that your efforts make, and start a ripple effect of positive action. Our talk today is about leading heart health advocacy.

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Aug 03, 2022

Episode 7 - The 757 Renaissance Man on his journey with the LVAD

We are more than just heart failure. We have heart failure, but it is not a limit on who we are as people. We are multitalented and dimensional. Without a doubt, we should enjoy our lives. Our talk today is about living with humor and giving life your all.

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Jul 16, 2022

Episode 6 - Finding the courage and passion to live with heart failure

Sharing your story and building a community along the way is impactful. Your journey can be filled with excitement, empathy, resilience, and joy. Every time you make a new connection, you?ll realize that you never know who your story will resonate with. Our talk today is about finding the courage and passion to live with heart failure.

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Jul 03, 2022

Episode 5 - Life with an LVAD while waiting for a heart transplant

Heart disease can change our physical health, but how often do we address the impact heart disease has on our identity? Part of our heart health journey is about rebuilding. We change our view of our identity and the role we play in the lives of our loved ones. Our talk today features stories about managing the physical and mental challenges of heart disease.

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16 juin 2022

Episode 4 - Prendre soin de soi avec un grand cœur aimant

Certaines personnes illuminent une pièce entière par leur présence. Ce sont celles qui apportent l'amour et le rire partout où elles vont. Une seule interaction avec elles est inoubliable. Les personnes qui profitent au maximum de la vie incitent tous les autres à faire de même. Notre entretien d'aujourd'hui célèbre la vie contagieusement énergique d'Evelyn Charrisse McRae.

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03 juin 2022

Épisode 3 - Éducation des patients et recherche

N'est-ce pas formidable de parler avec quelqu'un qui vous comprend ? Il est courant pour les gens d'entrer en contact avec quelqu'un qui a une expérience vécue similaire. Grâce au plaidoyer, les gens peuvent établir des liens et s'éduquer mutuellement. Plus important encore, ils peuvent faire preuve d'empathie les uns envers les autres. Notre entretien d'aujourd'hui crée un dialogue ouvert pour l'éducation des patients et la recherche dans le domaine des maladies cardiaques.

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16 mai 2022

Episode 2 - Pretty Lady contre l'insuffisance cardiaque

L'instinct est souvent le meilleur conseil que l'on puisse avoir. Dans le cas d'une maladie invisible, c'est le patient qui a la meilleure idée de ce qui se passe dans son corps. Apprendre à faire confiance à ces indices peut être salvateur dans les cas où les conseils des professionnels et l'instinct du patient ne concordent pas. Notre entretien d'aujourd'hui porte sur le fait de ne pas avoir peur de faire confiance à votre voix dans la conduite de votre parcours d'insuffisance cardiaque.

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03 mai 2022

Episode 1 - Insuffisance cardiaque ou disco cardiaque ?

Recevoir un diagnostic de maladie cardiaque vous plonge dans un parcours sinueux d'informations. Soudain, vous avez beaucoup de choses à rattraper et, bien que cela puisse sembler décourageant au début, vous commencez à trouver un rythme au fur et à mesure que vous apprenez. Notre entretien d'aujourd'hui se concentre sur ce qu'il est utile de savoir plus tôt dans le parcours, afin que vous puissiez trouver plus rapidement un rythme qui vous est propre.

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Ce que les gens disent

Bouba, un petit mot pour vous dire merci ! Je suis encore sur un nuage après avoir entendu l'histoire de Mel samedi. Ce que vous faites est utile, merveilleux et passionnant. À bientôt... ?
Anne B.
Survivant d'une transplantation cardiaque
"Bonjour Bouba - Merci encore d'avoir participé à la réunion XYZ aujourd'hui et d'avoir partagé votre vie. J'ai été touché par votre optimisme et votre citation sur la compréhension du point de vue du patient ?
Jason, A
Directeur principal, entreprise de dispositifs médicaux
J'ai apprécié vos articles et votre blog et j'ai suivi votre histoire. Je voulais vous dire à quel point vous m'inspirez et me donnez de l'espoir ?
Parent malade du cœur

Rencontrez votre hôte

Somaneh Bouba était un ingénieur et un entrepreneur social originaire du Mali et du Sénégal lorsqu'il s'est retrouvé dans l'obligation de rester aux États-Unis avec sa femme et son jeune fils pour recevoir un traitement cardiaque salvateur pour une rare malformation cardiaque congénitale.

L'année suivante, Bouba a subi une opération à cœur ouvert pour implanter une pompe DAVG à l'intérieur de son cœur afin d'aider son cœur à fonctionner en attendant une transplantation cardiaque. Bouba et sa femme, Désirée, vivent maintenant à Boston, dans le Massachusetts, et en 2018, ils ont accueilli des jumeaux dans leur famille.

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