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My submissions for Health Union's Heart-Failure.Net that have been published to date:
Life has been busy lately, but I managed to get a few articles published. Read and enjoy the posts below. I talked about Chronic Illness, Relationships, and Friendships in the first and how I support myself with the help of meditation.

Like with teachers, how do you thank your medical caregivers? How to thank the good folks that saved your heart and keep it beating? It is an impossible task... To me, the best you can do is to write the best, most cool article about them. Please find the article I recently published at Heart.Failure.Net. Read Here.

This will not be enough but at least it would put a small smile on their faces. My hope is that - that one happy second would lead to more happy minutes, more happy days... [...]

I recently had one of my most special submissions published on Heart-Failure.Net. In the article, I talk about how love saved my heart - Read here. [...]


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